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Press Releases

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Date Topics
2005/12/30 Public awareness of Basic Law continues to improve
2005/12/23 Government's response to statement made by spokesman of US State Department
2005/12/21 LCQ4: Suggestion for setting up bicameral system in legislature
2005/12/19 Government's proposal of abolishing appointed District Council seats in 2012 at the earliest
2005/12/18 Govt's proposed package on 2007/08 elections surely not step backward in democratic development
2005/12/16 Response to European Parliament's resolution on constitutional development in HK
2005/12/15 Transcript of SCA's standup briefing after joining signature campaign
2005/12/14 Government's proposed 07/08 electoral package best way forward for democratic development
2005/12/10 Polls reflect more people support passage of proposed 07/08 electoral package
2005/12/07 LCQ16: Government efforts in explaining to the public the contents of the Fifth Report and collecting their views
2005/12/07 Transcript of SCA's standup briefing after attending Legco meeting
2005/12/06 Government gives notices to LegCo to move motions concerning 2007/2008 electoral methods
2005/12/02 Transcript of SCA's media session after constitutional development of Hong Kong forum in Shenzhen
2005/11/30 LCQ4: Position and reaction of middle class towards universal suffrage
2005/11/30 LCQ9: Inclusion of appointed DC members in the Election Committee
2005/11/30 Transcript of SCA's briefing after LegCo's motion debate
2005/11/29 SCA's standup briefing on constitutional development forum
2005/11/23 LCQ12: Opinion survey on methods for selecting CE in 2007 and forming LegCo in 2008
2005/11/22 Delegation visits Guizhou on Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/11/20 Government's response to Dr Hon Kwok Ka Ki's views on proposed 07/08 electoral package
2005/11/15 Transcript of SCA's briefing
2005/11/13 Demand for immediate decision on universal suffrage timetable unrealistic
2005/11/09 LCQ5: Power of amendment of Basic Law and power to propose bills for amendments
2005/11/09 LCQ15: Number of cases providing help to Hong Kong people doing business in Mainland
2005/11/09 Transcript of SCA's briefing (English only)
2005/11/09 Transcript of SCA's press briefing after LegCo's motion debate
2005/11/02 LCQ6: Timetable and specific process for elections by universal suffrage
2005/11/02 Transcript of SCA's briefing after attending Legco meeting (English only)
2005/10/30 Government's proposed package can bring significant constitutional development progress
2005/10/23 Transcript of SCA's press briefing
2005/10/21 Telephone opinion survey on homosexuals will start tomorrow (PDF)
2005/10/19 Constitutional Development Task Force publishes Fifth Report
2005/10/19 LCQ4: The Fifth Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force
2005/10/15 Transcript of SCA's briefing after attending radio
2005/09/30 Government examining UN recommendations on Children's Rights (PDF)
2005/09/28 Eighth plenary session of HK/Guangdong co-operation held today
2005/09/23 Appointment to Electoral Affairs Commission
2005/09/23 EAC Report on 2005 Chief Executive Election published
2005/09/23 CE to attend Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference
2005/09/21 Concluding statement by Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs at United Nations hearing on child rights (PDF)
2005/09/20 Government committed to taking forward constitutional development
2005/09/19 Opening statement by Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs at United Nations hearing on child's rights (PDF)
2005/09/16 UN to hear HK delegation's report on children's rights (PDF)
2005/09/16 HKSAR Government welcomes exchanges between Hong Kong and Taiwan
2005/09/11 Fifth report to set out Government's proposal on 2007/08 electoral arrangements
2005/09/05 HK,Shenzhen making great strides in co-operation in many areas
2005/09/04 Shenzhen Mayor to visit Hong Kong
2005/08/26 Personal Data (Privacy) Advisory Committee members appointed (PDF)
2005/08/24 SCA's press briefing on constitutional development
2005/08/22 SCA's speech at Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum 2005 (English only)
2005/08/22 Transcript of SCA's briefing
2005/08/09 SCA receives Taiwan-based Alliance for the Reunification of China delegation
2005/08/05 HKSARG's response to European Commission's Report on HKSAR 2004
2005/07/29 Transcript of SCA's briefing on constitutional development
2005/07/29 Government has no firm position on how to amend the two electoral methods
2005/07/17 Freedom of expression protected (PDF)
2005/07/06 LCQ5: Developing political career path for publicly spirited individuals
2005/07/04 Appointments to Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony (PDF)
2005/07/04 Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation hotline to be launched (PDF)
2005/06/30 Government response
2005/06/29 LCQ14: Cooperation or notification mechanisms between HKSAR Government and Mainland authorities
2005/06/26 SCA: Major tasks on constitutional development in coming two years
2005/06/17 Newspapers and news agencies registration fees revised (PDF)
2005/06/15 LCQ12:Basic Law provision under which the LegCo may be dissolved
2005/06/14 HKSAR Government adopts report by Independent Commission on Remuneration Package for CE
2005/06/10 Response to press enquiries on access to airport restricted areas by Taiwan organisation representatives
2005/06/09 Transcript of SCA's briefing on independent commission's report
2005/06/09 HKSAR Government responds to independent commission's report on remuneration package for CE
2005/06/09 Independent Commission on Remuneration Package and Post-office Arrangements for CE submits report
2005/06/08 LCQ19: Measures to enhance public participation in political affairs
2005/06/08 LCQ11: Principle of checks and balances enshrined in Basic Law
2005/05/31 Over 430 public submissions received on constitutional development
2005/05/28 SCA calls on all to know more about Basic Law
2005/05/27 Carnival to promote Basic Law on 15th anniversary of promulgation
2005/05/26 HKSAR Government finds Amnesty International Report disappointing
2005/05/25 Transcript of SCA's briefing after passage of CE election bill
2005/05/25 LC: SCA moves resumption of Second Reading on Chief Executive Election (Amendment) (Term of Office of the Chief Executive) Bill
2005/05/24 Delegation visits Yunnan on Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/05/19 Government examining UN recommendations on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (PDF)
2005/05/18 LCQ8: Eligibility of Election Committee members to
2005/05/13 People First Party's delegation concluded Mainland visit and transits Hong Kong
2005/05/11 LCQ 11: Collecting personal information of employees and job applicants (PDF)
2005/05/08 NPCSC's interpretation on term of new CE legal and constitutional
2005/05/06 SCA welcomes recommendations in Independent Committee of Experts' report
2005/05/06 SCA on report of Independent Committee of Experts
2005/05/05 People First Party delegation transits HK
2005/05/04 CAB's response to tonight's rally
2005/05/03 Non-official Taiwan organisations in HK should operate according to established arrangements
2005/05/01 SCA encourages qualified voters to take part in today's Election Committee subsector by-elections
2005/04/29 Acting Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs' concluding remarks at ICESCR hearing (PDF)
2005/04/28 Acting Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs's opening statement in ICESCR hearing (PDF)
2005/04/27 SCA:Bill to amend CE Election Ordinance consistentwith NPCSC's interpretation on tenure of new CE
2005/04/26 KMT delegation transits HK
2005/04/25 Hearing of HKSAR's Report under ICESCR in Geneva (PDF)
2005/04/24 Interpretation by NPCSC ensures timely election of new CE and complies with rule of law
2005/04/22 Roderick Woo appointed Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PDF)
2005/04/22 SCA: Much importance attached to Pan-Pearl River Delta cooperation
2005/04/19 Members of Equal Opportunities Commission appointed (PDF)
2005/04/18 PPRD region representatives to visit HK from today
2005/04/15 Visit of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (PDF)
2005/04/15 Establishment of Advisory Committee on Post-Office Employment for Principal Officials under Accountability System
2005/04/15 SCA encourages HKFS to continue to express views on constitutional development
2005/04/13 Response to US-HK Policy Act Report 2005
2005/04/10 Transcript of SCA's briefing after attending City Forum
2005/04/09 SCA's speech at HKU's conference on comparative experiences of autonomy
2005/04/07 Appointment of independent commission on remuneration and post-office arrangements for CE
2005/04/06 LCQ 2: Implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Hong Kong (PDF)
2005/04/06 LC: SCA moves second reading of Chief Executive Election (Amendment) (Term of Office of the Chief Executive) Bill
2005/04/03 SCA: We will carefully consider all views on the issue of the tenure of the new CE
2005/03/30 SCA: Our priority is to deal with bill to amend CE Election Ordinance
2005/03/29 Response to US report on Hong Kong
2005/03/24 Bill to amend Chief Executive Election Ordinance gazetted
2005/03/23 SCA: Priority is to deal with amendment bill on CE election
2005/03/21 SCA: Our mission is to ensure smooth, fair CE election on July 10
2005/03/20 SCA: Government strive to hold lawful and timely CE election by July 10
2005/03/14 SCA: Government confident to conduct CE election within 120 days
2005/03/12 Statement by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs
2005/03/07 Delegation visits Fujian on Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/03/01 Response to US Report on Human Rights (PDF)
2005/02/28 Firm commissioned to undertake phone survey on racial discrimination (PDF)
2005/02/27 Chairperson of UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights visits HK (PDF)
2005/02/27 Delegation to visit Sichuan on Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/02/21 Submission of report by HKSAR under United Nations treaty (PDF)
2005/02/18 Home Affairs Bureau launches ethnic cultural programme (PDF)
2005/02/16 Advisors for survey on public attitudes towards homosexuals appointed (PDF)
2005/02/14 SCA: Government to apply maximum effort to work with LegCo to take forward constitutional reform
2005/02/02 Dr Patrick Ho receives EOC inquiry report (PDF)
2005/02/02 LCQ5: HKMAO Deputy Director not contacted on his remarks
2005/01/31 SCA: New attempts made to communicate with public and political parties
2005/01/26 LCQ14: De-registration of newspapers and periodicals (PDF)
2005/01/26 LCQ5: Universal suffrage is ultimate aim
2005/01/25 Delegation visits Jiangxi on Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/01/21 Central Authorities support establishing consensus on way forward for constitutional development through public consultation
2005/01/20 SCA: MFA supportive of raising HK's international profile
2005/01/19 Library visit enhances students' understanding of Basic Law
2005/01/19 SCA to visit Mainland today
2005/01/14 Appointment to Electoral Affairs Commission
2005/01/14 HKSAR Government refutes Human Rights Watch Report
2005/01/13 SCA: We are widening our network of conducting public consultation
2005/01/11 HK delegation to attend liaison meeting on Pan-PRD co-operation in Sichuan
2005/01/07 HKSARG committed to promoting communication and exchange with Taiwan
2005/01/05 LCQ17: HK Government attaches much importance to Pan-PRD co-operation
2005/01/05 Transcript of a standup briefing by SCA after attending the Legislative Council