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Response to press enquiries on access to airport restricted areas by Taiwan organisation representatives

In response to today's (June 10) press enquiries in relation to a news agency report on whether representatives of Taiwan organisations in Hong Kong could enter the airport restricted area, a Government spokesman said:

" The Acting Chief Executive has clearly stated at the Legislative Council's question and answer session on April 28, 2005 the policy of the HKSAR Government on access by representatives of Taiwan organisations in Hong Kong to the restricted area of the Hong Kong International Airport.

" There are strict guidelines governing the HKSAR Government's reception of visitors at the airport. Under normal circumstances, arrangements would only be made for consuls or representatives of central or local Mainland authorities to join the reception.

" Chung Hwa Travel Service is neither an organ of the PRC nor a consulate; it also does not have any official status. As such, the representative of this organisation could not enter the restricted area of the airport and the Government's VIP Room as a matter of course. This has all along been HKSAR Government's position.

" According to our understanding, the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) will accept the submission of permit applications by certain organisations (such as airlines) on behalf of individuals to enter the airport restricted area for different purposes, such as making familiarisation visits to the airport. These individual applications are handled by the AA on a case-by-case basis."

Ends/Friday, June 10, 2005