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SCA: Our priority is to deal with bill to amend CE Election Ordinance

The following is the transcript (English portion) of remarks made by the Secretary of Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, at a function in Tsim Sha Tsui tonight (March 30):

SCA: As regards the question of how many terms a Chief Executive can serve, of course we will act according to the Basic Law. I have noted the views expressed by Mainland legal experts on this particular issue. We shall continue to observe closely any such views expressed by legal experts both in Hong Kong and in the Mainland. We have raised this issue with the relevant departments of the Central Authorities. But for now, our priority is to deal with the question of electing a new Chief Executive by July 10 and to deal with our bill which we have just gazetted and which we will introduce (to the Legislative Council) on April 6.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Wednesday, March 30, 2005