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Press Releases

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Date Topics
2004/12/21 Delegation visits Hainan on Pan-PRD co-operation
2004/12/19 Deputy Secretary-General of NPCSC opens HKSAR Basic Law Library
2004/12/17 Basic Law Library opens to public on Monday
2004/12/16 Government response to media enquiries on legislator's "Referendum Bill"
2004/12/15 LC: Statement by SCA on EAC Final Report on 2004 LegCo Election
2004/12/02 HKSAR Government firmly committed to promoting constitutional development
2004/12/01 LCQ6: Functions and composition of District Councils to be reviewed
2004/11/21 Referendum on constitutional development will lead us nowhere
2004/11/21 Transcript of SCA's stand-up briefing after visiting by-election polling station
2004/11/13 Transcript of SCA's remarks at Youth Summit
2004/11/10 LC: Statement by SCA on EAC Interim Report on 2004 LegCo Election
2004/11/10 LCQ2: Task Force has gathered views from community through various channels
2004/11/09 SCA: Continuing prosperity and stability of HK conducive to enhancing Taiwanese understanding of "One Country, Two Systems"
2004/11/07 Referendum on constitutional development neither practical nor appropriate
2004/11/06 SCA: Need to build constitutional development consensus by mid-2005
2004/10/29 Champion team stages Basic Law Promotion Day on campus
2004/10/27 SCA: EAC to submit interim report in early November
2004/10/24 Government to continue to promote constitutional development in accordance with Basic Law
2004/10/23 Transcript of a stand-up briefing given by SCA after a youth summit on constitutional development
2004/10/23 SCA calls on young people to take part in constitutional development discussion
2004/10/20 LCQ14: Arrangements for mobility-handicapped persons on polling day
2004/10/19 SCA: HKSAR Government will facilitate return of accident victims
2004/10/18 HKSARG arranges immigration and medical staff to go to Taipei
2004/10/17 Government to continue public consultation on constitutional development
2004/10/15 Over 430 public submissions received on constitutional development
2004/10/06 SCA: HK continues to make progress on democratic front
2004/10/05 HKSAR Government responds to US report on HK
2004/09/26 SCA: Effective governance key to Hong Kong's continued success
2004/09/26 Transcript of a standup briefing by SCA after attending a forum organised by SynergyNet
2004/09/24 Transcript of remarks by SCA after attending a luncheon
2004/09/24 HKSAR Government responds to US Congressional-Executive Commission on China's hearing on HK
2004/09/15 Transcript of SCA's briefing after meeting LegCo members-designate
2004/09/14 SCA: Election conducted according to Hong Kong laws
2004/09/14 HKSAR Government responds to US Congress House of Representatives' resolution
2004/09/13 SCA: High turnout rate a milestone in HK's constitutional and democratic development
2004/09/12 SCA: Turnout rate will exceed that of 2000
2004/09/12 SCA: Voter turnout in last few hours very encouraging
2004/09/12 SCA: We encourage all voters to vote
2004/09/11 SCA: Fair, open electoral system in HK well-established
2004/09/09 SCA on 2004 Legislative Council election
2004/09/09 SCA: "Human Rights Watch" ignores facts
2004/09/09 HKSAR Government rejects Human Rights Watch Report
2004/08/22 HKSAR well positioned as Asia's world city
2004/08/14 Hong Kong enjoys more democracy after reunification
2004/08/11 Deadline extended for views on constitutional development
2004/08/06 HKSAR students learn more about NPC
2004/08/05 SCA on upcoming Legco elections
2004/08/01 Understanding of HK's constitutional order important in discussion of constitutional development
2004/07/30 Transcript of remarks by SCA
2004/07/30 SCA: Dialogue conducive to consensus building
2004/07/25 CAB refutes any suggestion that HK's high degree of autonomy affected
2004/07/21 SCA's response to UK report on HK
2004/07/20 HKSARG's response to UK report refutes suggestion of erosion of autonomy
2004/07/19 SCA on views collected on constitutional development
2004/07/18 Promotional activities to mark 7th Anniversary of implementation of Basic Law
2004/07/17 CS: Community support essential to election success
2004/07/13 Basic Law competition draws out students' creativity
2004/07/10 Steering Committee formulates Basic Law promotion strategy
2004/07/10 SCA on accountability system
2004/07/03 HKSAR Government responds to Taiwan Report
2004/07/02 HKSAR Government responds to US House Resolution
2004/07/02 HKSARG's response to remarks made by Taiwan authorities on rally
2004/06/30 HKSARG's response to European Commission's Report on HKSAR 2003
2004/06/25 SCA on first focus group discussion
2004/06/23 Transcript of SCA's briefing after LegCo's motion debate
2004/06/16 HKSARG's response to US Congress US-China Economic and Security Review Commission - 2004 Report
2004/06/16 LCQ16: Complaints about being pressurized to vote in election
2004/06/15 Commencement of Legislative Council's third term of office
2004/06/13 Government reiterates its commitment in upholding HK's core values
2004/06/11 SCA's response to "Democrats' willingness to communicate with Central Government"
2004/06/09 SCA on HK's core values after LegCo motion debate
2004/06/09 Government committed to preserving Hong Kong's core values
2004/06/09 Second seminar on constitutional development on Friday
2004/06/09 LCQ10: Registered electors of functional constituencies
2004/06/09 LCQ7: Report submitted by Chief Executive to NPCSC
2004/06/06 Government will uphold fair and open electoral system
2004/06/02 LCQ15: Interpretation of Basic Law by NPCSC and its decision on methods for selecting CE in 2007 and forming LegCo in 2008
2004/05/27 EIU's comments on HKSAR's constitutional development refuted
2004/05/22 First seminar on constitutional development on Monday
2004/05/19 LC: SCA's speech at motion moved by Hon Albert Ho
2004/05/19 LCQ5: Management of CE's and Principal Officials' assets by private trusts
2004/05/15 SCA: We would not allow Hong Kong's freedom of speech to be eroded
2004/05/11 Task Force's Third Report on constitutional development published
2004/05/05 LCQ12: Leaves of POs and acting arrangements
2004/05/05 LCQ18: Term of office of Chief Executive
2004/04/28 LCQ18: Final register of electors for Health Services FC
2004/04/24 Stephen Lam: over 130,000 application forms for registration as electors received
2004/04/21 Task Force to meet NPCSC representatives tomorrow
2004/04/21 Response to Hon Cheng Kar-foo's comments in Legislative Council
2004/04/21 LCQ7: Communication with Election Committee members
2004/04/17 Transcript of SCA's stand-up briefing after radio programme
2004/04/15 Reports of CE and Task Force published
2004/04/15 EAC Report on 2003 District Council Election published
2004/04/08 Transcript of SCA's response to "foreign governments' reactions on interpretation"
2004/04/04 SCA: Implement "One Country, Two Systems" for our future
2004/04/03 Transcript of SCA's briefing after voter registration opening ceremony
2004/04/03 Voter registration drive kicked off
2004/04/03 HKSARG's response to US's Hong Kong Policy Act Report
2004/03/31 Opening remarks by SCA at Special Finance Committee Meeting
2004/03/29 Task force to meet NPCSC representatives tomorrow
2004/03/24 Voter registration: all-out approach to HK households
2004/03/17 Constitutional powers and responsibilities of Central Authorities in overseeing constitutional development not limited to Basic Law
2004/03/17 LCQ3: Promoting the Basic Law
2004/03/12 Transcript of SCA's briefing
2004/03/03 Transcript of SCA's briefing after LegCo QA session
2004/03/03 LCQ8: Free advice on prospective candidates' eligibility of nomination
2004/03/03 LCQ4: Criteria for a patriot
2004/02/29 Submissions put at district centres for public viewing
2004/02/25 Transcript of SCA's briefing after Legco's motion debate
2004/02/25 LC: Amending Electoral Affairs Commission (Financial Assistance for Legislative Council Elections) (Application and Payment Procedure) Regulation
2004/02/25 LCQ4: Promotion of Basic Law
2004/02/19 Website launched to seek views on constitutional development
2004/02/18 LCQ4: Constitutional development in Hong Kong
2004/02/16 Transcript of SCA's briefing after CA panel meeting
2004/02/15 Constitutional development discussion consistent with Basic Law
2004/02/04 LC: Motion to amend the Particulars Relating to Candidates on Ballot Papers (Legislative Council) Regulation
2004/01/08 Transcript of SCA's briefing after radio programmes
2004/01/02 Transcript of SCA's standup briefing on procession