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Promotional activities to mark 7th Anniversary of implementation of Basic Law

The Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee (BLPSC) and government departments concerned have been organising a range of promotional activities in the past few weeks to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the implementation of the Basic Law.

"One of the key commemorative activities was the TV Quiz on Basic Law recently held by the BLPSC and co-organised by eight government departments including the Constitutional Affairs Bureau (CAB), Home Affairs Bureau (HAB), the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB), the Civil Service Bureau, Department of Justice, the Information Services Department, the Home Affairs Department (HAD) and the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)," a CAB spokesman said today (July 18).

"The highlights of the TV Quiz will be broadcast on ATV - Home, Cable TV - Entertainment, TVB - Pearl, RTHK Radio 1 and RTHK's website on July 25, 2004.

"The Home Affairs Bureau is organising with the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education and the Peninsula Junior Chamber a Basic Law Public Speaking Contest and a series of related promotional activities from July to November to enhance people's awareness of the Basic Law, in particular among the youngsters," he said.

"The five winning teams of the Basic Law Promotion Day Competition, jointly organised by the CAB and EMB, will visit Beijing in August as one of their prizes.

"Their respective schools will implement the proposals stated in their winning entries through staging a 'Basic Law Promotion Day' on campus in October, in a bid to enhance students' understanding of the Basic Law.

"The CAB will also launch a web game on the Basic Law at the Basic Law Homepage this month," he said.

On the school front, the spokesman said, "The EMB has been organising the 'Award Scheme for HK Student Leaders: National Education Course' for secondary six student prefects to take up courses in Beijing.

"These courses and visits are aimed at strengthening students' understanding of the current developments of the motherland and their national identity through the experience gained and interaction with the Mainland students.

"The first course has been launched earlier this month with the participation of 170 students and 17 principals," he said.

To achieve similar objectives, he said that the EMB was also organising a "Journey to China Study Tour Project" through which grants were made to eight secondary schools and 10 primary schools for arranging visits and study programmes in various study points in the Mainland.

Participating schools would complete their study programmes and submit their reports by the end of this month. Their reports would become entries of a thematic study competition.

The spokesman said, "The HAD has invited 18 District Councils to organise a 'National Day Bunting Design Competition' in their respective districts between July and August to celebrate the 55thAnniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China.

"The winning designs of each district will be used for producing buntings to be mounted at lamp posts along major roads in mid-September.

"Other programmes in store are a roving exhibition on 'The National Flag, Emblem and Anthem of the PRC', co-organised by the HAB, the HAD and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), which will be staged in large shopping malls and government buildings in 18 districts until August.

"A roving exhibition on the implementation of the Basic Law in LCSD's libraries has been staged starting at the Hong Kong Central Library from April and thereafter in other libraries from October," he said.

The spokesman said that the HAB and LCSD were staging an exhibition on Mr Deng Xiaoping and the Basic Law at the Hong Kong Museum of History until October 2004.

"The HAB and LCSD have also published a booklet on selected reading materials on the Basic Law.

"The CAB has plans to publish shortly a booklet on the implementation of the Basic Law in the HKSAR," he said.

The spokesman added that apart from a seminar to mark the seventh anniversary of the implementation of the Basic Law, an online quiz had also been launched in July by the Civil Service Training and Development Institute to enhance understanding of the Basic Law among civil servants.

Ends/Sunday, July 18, 2004