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SCA: HKSAR Government will facilitate return of accident victims

The following is the transcript (English portion) of a stand-up briefing given by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, at the Hong Kong International Airport last night (October 18):

SCA: The Chief Executive, the Secretary for Security, myself and the Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food have reviewed the situation this evening. We decided that in view of the seriousness of this accident which happened in Taiwan today, we are dispatching four colleagues from Hong Kong to understand the situation on the ground. There are two colleagues from the Immigration Department and two colleagues from the Hospital Authority. We believe that once they have arrived in Taipei, they will be received by the Taiwanese side. And they will arrange for them to visit the people who have been injured in this accident, and they will make an assessment as to what assistance they need and we will make arrangement as soon as possible for those who have been injured and those who unfortunately have passed away to be returned to Hong Kong. And above all, the most important interest is the interest of those who are injured and the family members of those who have passed away. And, we shall do everything possible to facilitate their return.

Ends/Tuesday, October 19, 2004