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Over 430 public submissions received on constitutional development

The five-month consultation period for the Third Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force, "Areas which may be considered for amendment in respect of the methods for selecting the Chief Executive in 2007 and for forming the Legislative Council in 2008", ends today (October 15). As at the afternoon of October 15, more than 430 submissions have been received. A Government spokesman said that the response was good.

The spokesman said that among the submissions, more than 90 were from organisations while the rest were put forward by individuals. All the submissions, except those requesting confidentiality, will be published when the Fourth Report is issued.

The spokesman noted that between May and August, the Task Force commissioned the Central Policy Unit and the Home Affairs Department to organise a total of 12 seminars and focus group discussions, in which a total of over 870 participants attended. These included four regional forums as well as discussion groups arranged for young people and the expatriate community. The discussion summaries for all the 12 sessions have been uploaded onto the Constitutional Development webpage (www.cab-review.gov.hk).

The Task Force expressed its thanks to different sectors of the community for their views.

The spokesman said the Task Force was processing the submissions and planned to publish the Fourth Report before the end of this year. Thereafter, the Task Force will further consult the public on changes to be made to the electoral arrangements for 2007 and 2008, with a view to formulating a proposal that is feasible and acceptable to the Hong Kong community at large.

Ends/Friday, October 15, 2004