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Date Topics
2007/06/28 Response to Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the EU on the HKSAR 10th anniversary
2007/06/28 Government response to false remarks made by Taiwan
2007/06/27 LCQ5: Remarks of a state leader on the constitutional affairs of Hong Kong
2007/06/27 LCQ3: Green paper on constitutional development
2007/06/27 LCQ2: Qualification for candidacy for the Chief Executive to be selected by universal suffrage
2007/06/27 LCQ1: Selection of the Chief Executive and election of all LegCo Members by universal suffrage
2007/06/25 SCA speaks on new line-up of Executive Council
2007/06/24 Government's response to remarks made by Hon Yeung Sum
2007/06/22 SCA: Unique solutions for unique region
2007/06/21 SCA speaks on discussions at Governance and Political Development Committee meeting
2007/06/20 Transcript of interview by SCA (English only)
2007/06/20 LCQ19: Election of the Chief Executive and all Members of the Legislative Council by universal suffrage
2007/06/17 CAB's response to remarks made by Hon Audrey Eu
2007/06/13 LCQ17: Assistance rendered to Hong Kong people on the Mainland
2007/06/10 Government's response to procession on constitutional development
2007/06/02 Transcript of SCA at 2007 Voter Registration Campaign launching ceremony
2007/06/02 SCA appeals to public to register as voters
2007/05/30 LCQ3: Facilitating communication with the Central Authorities
2007/05/27 CAB's response to Hon Kwok Ka-ki: HKSAR Government committed to implementing universal suffrage
2007/05/25 Statistics on the Code on Access to Information (PDF)
2007/05/23 LCQ5: Proposals for implementing universal suffrage
2007/05/20 Transcript of Secretary for Constitutional Affairs
2007/05/10 SCA speaks after Commission on Strategic Development workshop
2007/05/09 Election expense limit for District Council election
2007/05/03 CE announces reorganisation of Government Secretariat
2007/04/25 LCQ16: Providing assistance to Hong Kong residents in the Mainland
2007/04/25 LCQ13: Review of policy portfolios of policy bureaux
2007/04/25 LCQ2: Inspection of election returns and writing down of the particulars
2007/04/23 Government attaches great importance to PPRD co-operation
2007/04/22 Government's response to remarks by Hon Emily Lau: CE first to initiate universal suffrage discussion
2007/04/18 LCQ13: Model for implementing universal suffrage
2007/04/16 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Post-office Employment for former Chief Executives and Politically Appointed Officials
2007/04/15 Government's response to remarks by Dr Hon Yeung Sum on universal suffrage
2007/04/12 SCA speaks on discussions at Governance and Political Development Committee meeting
2007/04/04 Hong Kong constitutional system matures the day Chief Executive elected by universal suffrage
2007/04/04 Thousand attended seminar on Basic Law
2007/04/04 Transcript of SCA's media session
2007/04/03 SCA speaks on Commission on Strategic Development papers
2007/04/02 Applications invited for Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme (PDF)
2007/04/01 CAB responds to opinion poll on constitutional development
2007/03/26 CAB expresses regret at false allegations made by Taiwan authorities
2007/03/25 SCA on Chief Executive Election
2007/03/24 Response to press enquiries on a group of journalists from Taiwan
2007/03/18 Government's response to public procession and comments made in Taiwan
2007/03/17 CAB statement
2007/03/14 Statistics on the Code on Access to Information (PDF)
2007/03/12 Government responds to enquiries on CE election
2007/03/11 Transcript of Secretary for Constitutional Affairs
2007/03/07 LCQ13: Transfer of personal data (PDF)
2007/03/07 Response to US Report on Human Rights: statement ungrounded and untrue
2007/03/05 Government's response to press enquiries on universal suffrage put forth by Anson Chan
2007/03/03 Basic Law Roving Show to be staged in Tseung Kwan O tomorrow
2007/03/01 Reunification to bring political certainty and create new development opportunities
2007/02/25 Government's response to remarks made by Hon Emily Lau on Chief Executive election
2007/02/13 SCA visits Sha Tin
2007/02/11 Government's response to remarks made by Hon Kwok Ka-ki on universal suffrage
2007/02/05 Opening of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Chengdu
2007/02/05 SCA speaks on HK's development opportunities on Mainland's Central and Western Regions
2007/02/02 SCA to officiate at opening ceremony of CDETO
2007/01/29 CS attends eighth working meeting of Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference
2007/01/25 SCA speaks on discussions at governance and political development committee meeting
2007/01/24 LCQ3: Taiwan has no role in Hong Kong's constitutional development under the Basic Law
2007/01/22 Constitutional Affairs Bureau's response to press enquiries
2007/01/17 LCQ5: Code for Principal Officials under the Accountability System
2007/01/01 Government responds to today's public meeting and procession