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Regional Cooperation with the Mainland

Hong Kong/Shanghai Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference

Date Title Document
Year 2009
2009/12/25 Fun day to publicise Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo (with photo)  
2009/12/21 二○一○年上海世博會第三次港澳參展協商會議在上海舉行(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2009/12/20 PSCMA leads HK delegation to attend the third meeting on HKSAR and Macao SAR's participation in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo  
2009/12/12 Exhibition on Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo (with photos)  
2009/10/12 政務司司長在上海會見傳媒發言全文(普通話部分)(附圖/短片)  
2009/10/12 政務司司長在上海會見傳媒發言全文(廣東話部分)(附圖/短片)  
2009/08/13 Hong Kong financial services delegation begins Shanghai visit (with photos)  
2009/07/02 政務司司長在上海會見傳媒發言全文(Chinese Version Only)(附短片)  
2009/07/01 CS opens exhibition on Hong Kong's Participation in Expo in Shanghai (with photos/video)  
2009/07/01 政務司司長在「香港參與中國2010年上海世博會專題展覽」開幕禮致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)  
2009/06/29 Individual ticket sales for Shanghai World Expo start  
2009/04/02 Hong Kong attaches importance to participating in Expo 2010 (with photo)  
2009/04/02 Speech by PSCMA at 2010 Shanghai Expo ticket sales launch ceremony  
2009/03/27 運輸及房屋局局長「上海–香港航運服務業互動發展研討會」致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2009/03/26 STH leads shipping mission to Shanghai  
Year 2008
2008/12/12 二○一○年上海世博會第二次港澳參展協商會議在上海舉行(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2008/04/14 CS presents award for winning concept design of HK pavilion at 2010 Shanghai Expo  
Year 2007
2007/12/06 商務及經濟發展局局長2007年滬港大都市發展研討會致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2007/11/01 香港服務業加強與長三角的合作(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2007/08/01 商務及經濟發展局局長「落實CEPA補充協議四,推動滬港服務業互動合作」推介會致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)  
2007/08/01 商務及經濟發展局局長談CEPA及加工貿易(Chinese Version Only)  
2007/02/02 財政司司長「香港金融服務研討會」致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
Year 2006
2006/05/27 香港與上海優勢互補、互利雙贏(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
Year 2005
2005/12/03 財政司司長「2005滬港大都市發展研討會」致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2005/11/26 Financial Secretary to visit Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai  
2005/11/01 財經事務及庫務局局長出席香港/上海CFO論壇致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)  
Year 2004
2004/03/31 政制事務局局長出席立法會財務委員會特別會議發言全文(Chinese Version Only)  
Year 2003
2003/10/27 滬港經貿合作會議:第一次會議(Chinese Version Only)  
2003/10/27 CE's transcript on HK/Shanghai economic and trade cooperation  
Year 2001
2001/09/11 財政司司長上海會見香港傳媒的談話內容(Chinese Version Only)  

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