The Rights of the Individual

Report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under Article 9 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

Structure of the Report and relevant Computer File

Structure Filename
Cover e-cov.doc
Content e-cont.doc
Preface e-pref.doc
Part I e-pt1.doc
Part II (Article 1) e-pt2-1.doc
Part II (Article 2) e-pt2-2.doc
Part II (Article 3) e-pt2-3.doc
Part II (Article 4) e-pt2-4.doc
Part II (Article 5) e-pt2-5.doc
Part II (Article 6) e-pt2-6.doc
Part II (Article 7) e-pt2-7.doc
Annex 1 e-anex1.doc
Annex 2 e-anex2.doc
Annex 3 e-anex3.doc
Annex 4 e-anex4.doc
Annex 5 e-anex5.doc
Annex 6 e-anex6.doc
Annex 7 e-anex7.doc
Annex 8 e-anex8.doc
Annex 9 e-anex9.doc
Annex 10 e-anex10.doc
Annex 11 e-anex11.doc
Annex 12 e-anex12.doc
Annex 13 e-anex13.doc
Annex 14 e-anex14.doc

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