The Rights of the Individual

Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities

Terms of Reference

To advise the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs on matters relating to concerns about discrimination faced by sexual minorities in Hong Kong, notably -

(a) to advise on the aspects and extent of discrimination faced by sexual minorities in Hong Kong; and
(b) on the basis of (a) above, to advise on the strategies and measures to tackle the problems identified with a view to eliminating discrimination and nurturing a culture of diversity, tolerance and mutual respect in the community.


(Tenure from 10 June 2013 to 31 December 2015)


Professor Fanny Cheung Mui-ching, JP


Hon Chan Chi-chuen
Mr Tommy Chen
Dr Andy Chiu
Dr Joseph Cho
Ms Shirley Ha
Mr Reggie Ho
Professor Kung Lap-yan
Professor Kwan Kai-man
Ms Lavinia Lau
Ms Joanne Leung
Dr Hon Priscilla Leung, SBS, JP
Hon James To
Ms Yeung Wai-wai


Address: Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
13/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices
2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2810 3205
Fax: 2523 0565


Minutes of Meeting

1st meeting on 18 June 2013 PDF(41KB)

2nd meeting on 11 September 2013 PDF(205KB)

3rd meeting on 5 December 2013 PDF(351KB)

4th meeting on 24 February 2014 PDF(69KB)

5th meeting on 6 June 2014 PDF(26KB)

6th meeting on 20 August 2014 PDF(20KB)

7th meeting on 18 November 2014 PDF(206KB)

8th meeting on 2 February 2015 PDF(311KB)

9th meeting on 27 April 2015 PDF(186KB)

10th meeting on 22 July 2015 PDF(184KB)

11th meeting on 2 September 2015 PDF(235KB)

12th meeting on 23 October 2015 PDF(222KB)

13th meeting on 13 November 2015 PDF(229KB)

14th meeting on 14 December 2015 PDF(172KB)



Letter from Chairperson to Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs PDF(883KB)

Executive Summary PDF(187KB)

Cover and Table of Contents PDF(265KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction PDF(311KB)

Chapter 2 - Stocktaking, Fact-finding and Collection of Views PDF(555KB)

Chapter 3 - Deliberations and Recommendations PDF(403KB)

Appendices A - H PDF(3.14MB)

Please click here for the full report PDF(3.17MB)