Mainland Affairs

Date Topics
2019/04/17 HKSAR's Work in Support of Reconstruction in the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas
2013/08/01 Regional Cooperation with the Mainland

Electoral Matters

Date Topics
2018/05/15 Consultation Paper on Review of Electoral Arrangements
2018/05/15 Consultation Report on Review of Electoral Arrangements
2018/05/15 Appendix to the Consultation Report (bilingual)
2016/01/21 Public Consultation on Enhancement of Voter Registration System (2015)
2013/07/19 Public Consultation on Demarcation of District boundary between Eastern and Wan Chai Districts
2012/03/02 Public Consultation on Improvement Measures of the Voter Registration System (2012)(Completed)
2012/02/20 Public Consultation on District Council Appointment System
2011/12/06 Public Consultation on Review of Regulation on Election Advertisements
2011/11/14 Public Consultation on Prisoners' Voting Right
2011/07/22 Public Consultation on Arrangements for Filling Vacancies in the Legislative Council

The Rights of the Individual

Date Topics
2013/06/10 Sexual Minorities Forum
2011/09/07 Review of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Publications and Press Releases

Date Topics
Press Releases

Constitutional Development

Date Topics
2013/04/03 Constitutional Development