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Delineation of Constituencies for next District Councils Election

The Chief Executive-in-Council has made a decision on the delineation of constituencies for the next District Councils election. The details are set out in the Declaration of Constituencies (District Councils) Order 2003 which will be published in the Gazette tomorrow (May 16) and tabled in the Legislative Council on May 21.

A government spokesman said that the Chief Executive-in-Council has accepted all the recommendations of the independent Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC). The report of the EAC, submitted to the Chief Executive on April 22, will also be tabled in the Legislative Council on May 21.

The spokesman said that the EAC had considered carefully all public representations on its provisional recommendations. As a result, the EAC had adjusted the boundaries of 62 constituencies and the names of eight constituencies in its final recommendations submitted to the Chief Executive.

The EAC had endeavoured to strike a proper and fair balance between the expressed wishes of the public on the one hand, and the population quota and other statutory criteria on the other.

There will be 400 constituencies for the District Councils election. One District Council member will be elected for each constituency.

"The making of the Order is an important step in the preparation for the next District Councils election to be held on November 23, 2003. In the coming months, the Government and the EAC will put in place all necessary arrangements to facilitate the conduct of the election and to make it a success," the spokesman said.

End/Thursday, May 15, 2003