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Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities submits report to Government

     The Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities today (December 31) submitted its report to the Government with recommendations on anti-discrimination strategies and measures.

     During its term from June 2013, the Advisory Group commissioned a study on whether and, if so, in what form discrimination against sexual minorities exists; conducted a desk-top review of relevant legislation in other jurisdictions; listened to the views of different stakeholder groups; and accordingly formulated its recommendations.

     The Advisory Group recommends the following five areas of strategies and measures:

(a) training and resources with a focus on sensitivity towards sexual minorities for teachers; medical practitioners, associated professionals and front-line workers in hospitals and clinics; social workers; and human resources professionals, who have been identified by a fact-finding study as the professional groups having more direct interactions with sexual minorities, which should also be promoted and introduced to employees of the Government;

(b) a charter on non-discrimination to be drawn up by the Government for voluntary adoption by employers; schools; providers of goods, facilities and services; and landlords/agents in charge of disposal and management of premises, which aims at enhancing sensitivity and friendliness towards sexual minorities in the respective domains;

(c) an enhanced publicity campaign to promote the message of non-discrimination against sexual minorities, including television and radio Announcements in the Public Interest and programmes and commendation of best practices by public and private sector organisations that have pledged to adopt the charter;

(d) a review by the Government in consultation with relevant service providers and sexual minorities to delineate gaps in support services for sexual minorities, with a view to improving the effectiveness of the existing support services and identifying the need for designated services for sexual minorities; and

(e) a further study on the experience of legislative and non-legislative measures of other jurisdictions to inform future consultation on both legislative proposals and administrative measures to eliminate discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

     "The recommendations in the report were arrived at after much discussion among Advisory Group members," the Chairperson of the Advisory Group, Professor Fanny Cheung, said. "There is broad agreement among members that raising sensitivity towards sexual minorities in the community at large, with special emphasis in some sectors and professions, should go a long way in addressing the discrimination faced by sexual minorities in Hong Kong."

     She added, "The Advisory Group consists of individuals of different backgrounds who hold divergent views on the issues being examined. This notwithstanding, all members have been working on the basis of consensus to reach a common goal of eliminating discrimination against sexual minorities. I trust that the recommendations represent a practicable package at this juncture that will contribute to building an inclusive community to the benefit of not only sexual minorities but the society as a whole."

     The Advisory Group's report is available to the public at .

     A government spokesman said, "We are thankful for the work of Professor Cheung and all members of the Advisory Group. We will study the report carefully and consider the way forward in consultation with different stakeholders."

Ends/Thursday, December 31, 2015
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