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SCMA's response to media question

     Following is the transcript (English portion) of the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Mr Stephen Lam's answer to a media question after attending a meeting of the Legislative Council Panel on Constitutional Affairs this afternoon (February 10):

Reporter: About the $3 million, how did you arrive at the figure for promotion (of the by-election)?

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs: Back in 2007 when we organised the by-election for the Hong Kong Island Geographical Constituency, we spent about $700,000 on the promotion of that particular by-election. This time round, we are going to conduct by-elections for five geographical constituencies. We believe $3 million is an appropriate figure. However, in the overall context of $150 million (estimated expenditure for the by-election), $3 million is a modest proportion.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)
Ends/Wednesday, February 10, 2010