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HKSARG responds to statement in Taiwan

    Responding to a statement made in Taiwan today (August 16) regarding liaison between the HKSAR Government and a Taiwanese organisation in Hong Kong about the entry to Hong Kong by Taiwanese residents, a spokesman for the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau said:

     "The HKSAR Government has consistently dealt with entry and exit controls in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Over the last few years, the HKSAR Government has promoted proactively exchanges between Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have received delegations representing the political, legislative, professional, business, media and youth sectors. Representatives of the 'pan-blue' and 'pan-green' camps have both been welcomed. The allegation made by those in Taiwan has no legal basis and is unacceptable. We express deep regret that the 'Taiwanese side' has sought to stir up controversy unnecessarily."

Ends/Thursday, August 16, 2007