The Rights of the Individual

Fourth Report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in the light of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Structure of the Report and relevant Computer Files

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Table of Content Table_of_Content-e.pdf
Preamble Preamble-e.pdf
Article 1 Article1-e.pdf
Article 2 Article2-e.pdf
Article 3 Article3-e.pdf
Article 4 Article4-e.pdf
Article 5 Article5-e.pdf
Article 6 Article6-e.pdf
Article 7 Article7-e.pdf
Article 8 Article8-e.pdf
Article 9 Article9-e.pdf
Article 10 Article10-e.pdf
Article 11 Article11-e.pdf
Article 12 Article12-e.pdf
Article 13 Article13-e.pdf
Article 14 Article14-e.pdf
Article 15 Article15-e.pdf
Article 16 Article16-e.pdf
Article 17 Article17-e.pdf
Article 18 Article18-e.pdf
Article 19 Article19-e.pdf
Article 20 Article20-e.pdf
Article 21 Article21-e.pdf
Article 22 Article22-e.pdf
Article 23 Article23-e.pdf
Article 24 Article24-e.pdf
Article 25 Article25-e.pdf
Article 26 Article26-e.pdf
Article 27 Article27-e.pdf
Annex 2A Annex 2A-e.pdf
Annex 2B Annex 2B-e.pdf
Annex 3A Annex 3A-e.pdf
Annex 3B Annex 3B-e.pdf
Annex 6A Annex 6A-e.pdf
Annex 6B Annex 6B-e.pdf
Annex 7A Annex 7A-e.pdf
Annex 7B Annex 7B-e.pdf
Annex 8A Annex 8A-e.pdf
Annex 8B Annex 8B-e.pdf
Annex 8C Annex 8C-e.pdf
Annex 9A Annex 9A-e.pdf
Annex 10A Annex 10A-e.pdf
Annex 10B Annex 10B-e.pdf
Annex 10C Annex 10C-e.pdf
Annex 10D Annex 10D-e.pdf
Annex 12A Annex 12A-e.pdf
Annex 12B Annex 12B-e.pdf
Annex 13A Annex 13A-e.pdf
Annex 14A Annex 14A-e.pdf
Annex 17A Annex 17A-e.pdf
Annex 17B Annex 17B-e.pdf
Annex 18A Annex 18A-e.pdf
Annex 19A Annex 19A-e.pdf
Annex 19B Annex 19B-e.pdf
Annex 21A Annex 21A-e.pdf
Annex 21B Annex 21B-e.pdf
Annex 22A Annex 22A-e.pdf
Annex 22B Annex 22B-e.pdf
Annex 23A Annex 23A-e.pdf
Annex 23B Annex 23B-e.pdf
Annex 23C Annex 23C-e.pdf
Annex 24A Annex 24A-e.pdf
Annex 24B Annex 24B-e.pdf
Annex 24C Annex 24C-e.pdf
Annex 24D Annex 24D-e.pdf
Annex 25A Annex 25A-e.pdf
Annex 25B Annex 25B-e.pdf
Annex 26A Annex 26A-e.pdf
Annex 26B Annex 26B-e.pdf
Annex 26C Annex 26C-e.pdf
Annex 26D Annex 26D-e.pdf
Annex 27A Annex 27A-e.pdf
Annex 27B Annex 27B-e.pdf
Annex 27C Annex 27C-e.pdf
Annex 27D Annex 27D-e.pdf
Common Core Document Core-document-e.pdf

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