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Transcript of SCA's briefing

The following is a transcript of a stand-up briefing which was given by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, after he had visited the polling station of the by-election of the Sham Shui Po District Council Mei Foo Constituency this morning (April 6):

SCA: Welcome to today's media coverage. I am very grateful to colleagues of the Registration and Electoral Office for making preparation for today's polling event. These days because of SARS, voters and citizens of Hong Kong rarely go out as often as they did usually. But, for today I would encourage all voters to exercise their voting right, come out and take part in this by-election. Also, the colleagues of the Registration and Electoral Office have made available a limited number of facemasks and also these plastic gloves to facilitate citizens and voters who are concerned and wish to beware of arrangements for personal hygiene.

I also like to announce that the Government has decided in principle that the 2003 District Council Elections should be held on November 23 this year. Normally within about two months of the expiry of the current term of the District Council, we hold a fresh round of elections and this time we have chosen November 23, which is a Sunday in line with past tradition. We expect that nomination and election campaigning period will start some time around early October so that there will be a month or so for candidates and political parties to make preparations. That should provide adequate time. Also, after the election on November 23, there will be a month or so for newly elected members to prepare themselves before assuming office on January 1, 2004.

(Please also see the Chinese portion of the transcript)

End/Sunday, April 6, 2003