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Amendments to election petition rules for CE Election to be published in the Gazette

The Chief Executive Election (Election Petition) (Amendment) Rules 2006 will be published in the Gazette tomorrow (October 13).

The amendments introduced by the Amendment Rules are consequential to the Chief Executive Election and Legislative Council Election (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2006. The Ordinance, which came into effect on May 13, has amended the Chief Executive Election Ordinance to provide that, if only one CE candidate is validly nominated, election proceedings shall continue. It has also provided for an additional ground for election petitions. In circumstances where a sole candidate is declared not elected in an uncontested election, petitions may be made that the candidate shall be elected.

The Amendment Rules will amend the Chief Executive Election (Election Petition) Rules to include the above-mentioned additional ground for election petitions and to make appropriate changes to the petition form.

The Amendment Rules, made by the Chief Justice under section 40 of the Chief Executive Election Ordinance, will be tabled in the Legislative Council on October 18 (Wednesday).

Ends/Thursday, October 12, 2006