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HK and Guangdong share experience on transport planning in light of GD's 11th Five-year Plan

The Constitutional Affairs Bureau and the Planning Department of the HKSAR Government, together with the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission (GDDRC), held a sharing session at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong (GDETO) today (July 29). Both sides exchanged views and shared experiences in strategic planning and comprehensive transport planning under the theme of the Eleventh Five-year Plan (11th FYP) of the Guangdong Province.

The sharing session enabled the HKSAR Government to gain a better understanding of the Guangdong 11th FYP and its aforementioned planning. It also enhanced mutual understanding between the GDDRC and the HKSAR Government as regards transport planning and relevant operations in order to strengthen communication and co-operation.

At the session, the GDDRC representatives introduced the rationale and research basis of the 11th FYP, its regional plan, the development of a comprehensive transport system, as well as the study process and methodology in planning the system.

Planning Department officials introduced the rationale and research methodology of the "HK2030: Planning Vision and Strategy" study as well as the strategic planning process and methodology of cross-boundary transport infrastructure.

Both Guangdong and Hong Kong contended that putting in place an efficient, comfortable and comprehensive cross-regional transport network will align more effectively the cross-boundary transport linking the two places. It will in turn facilitate the further economic integration. Therefore, both sides have to step up the exchange of planning information in order to formulate a cross-regional comprehensive transport system that meets the needs of their economic growth, and with the subsequent radiating effects, to jointly promote the overall development of the Pan-PRD regional economic co-operation.

The representatives of the Guangdong side attending the sharing session comprised the Transport and Planning Divisions of the GDDRC as well as the Planning and General Affairs Sections of the Pan-PRD Regional Co-operation Leaders' Joint Conference Secretariat.

The Hong Kong delegation comprised officials from relevant bureaus and departments. Apart from the Constitutional Affairs Bureau and the Planning Department, representatives from Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau, Central Policy Unit, Financial Secretary's Office, Economic Development and Labour Bureau, Environment, Transport and Works Bureau and GDETO also took part at the session.

Ends/Saturday, July 29, 2006