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SCA's press briefing on constitutional development

The following is the transcript of a stand-up briefing by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, after meeting the representatives of the Hong Kong Democratic Development Network at the Central Government Offices today (August 22) (English portion):

Reporter: What was the meeting about? And, is it going to have two papers issued early next year concerning District Council reforms?

SCA: We had a very productive and constructive meeting with members of the academia and members of the Hong Kong Democratic Development Network. We warmly welcome the advisory paper which they put to the Constitutional Development Task Force today. They focus very much on the grooming of political talents and opening up of positions within the Government to enable a broadening of political participation in Hong Kong community.

We have introduced to the academics that we have plans to issue in the autumn the fifth report of the Constitutional Development Task Force to set out the Government recommended way forward on how the Chief Executive election should be conducted in 2007 and how the Legislative Council should be formed in 2008.

Aside from that, the Chief Executive has already undertaken during his election campaign that the Government would consider the poss507