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Hong Kong enjoys more democracy after reunification

In response to media enquiries concerning the views on the HKSAR's constitutional development given by Mr Chen Shui-bian in Taiwan today (August 14), a spokesman for the Constitutional Affairs Bureau made the following statement:

"Ever since the establishment of the HKSAR, Hong Kong has pursued constitutional development according to the Basic Law. The democratic elements in our election system exceed that which pertained before the reunification.

"Hong Kong enjoys a fair, open and honest election system, which is based on the rule of law. Our election system is not corrupted by 'money politics'.

"Hong Kong is a fair and open society. Our Legislative Council (LegCo) and the Hong Kong media are fully capable of monitoring the performance of the Government. The checks and balances, which exist between the executive and the legislature, are similar to those which apply in developed communities.

"Currently, we are undertaking in Hong Kong a review of constitutional development beyond 2007. We will consider the possibilities of further opening up the system for electing the Chief Executive in 2007 and for forming the Legco in 2008, in accordance with the Basic Law and the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

"The HKSAR Government will make its best endeavours to establish consensus among different sectors of the community to take forward Hong Kong's constitutional development."

Ends/Saturday, August 14, 2004