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HKSARG's response to remarks made by Taiwan authorities on rally

In response to media enquiries on the remarks made by the Taiwan authorities in respect of the rally held on July 1, a Government spokesman reiterated today (July 2) that the Central Authorities have both the power and the responsibility to oversee our constitutional development under the Constitution and the Basic Law.
The spokesman said that, as provided in the Basic Law, universal suffrage is our ultimate aim. Since reunification, the SAR Government has been taking forward democratisation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law. The SAR Government will continue to handle work related to constitutional development in Hong Kong according to this principle.

"In the light of the decision of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress (NPCSC) adopted in April, there is plenty of room for us to contemplate changes to the election methods for selecting the Chief Executive and for forming the Legislative Council, narrowing the gap between the current election methods and our ultimate aim of universal suffrage," he said.

The spokesman pointed out that in the light of the relevant provisions of the Basic Law and the NPCSC's decision, the Constitutional Development Task Force is gathering views and specific proposals from individuals and organisations in the community. The Task Force will then consolidate the views received for further public consultation in autumn.

Ends/Friday, July 2, 2004