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Appointments to the Electoral Affairs Commission announced

The Chief Executive has re-appointed the Honourable Mr Justice Woo Kwok-hing as Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) for a term of three years.

The other two incumbent members, Mr Norman Leung Nai-pang and Dr Elizabeth Shing Shiu-ching, have also been re-appointed to the EAC for a term of four years and three months and five years respectively.

The above re-appointments will take effect from September 29, 2000 and will be gazetted this Friday (September 22). The arrangement for the three members having different terms is to avoid the situation that all three members will be due for appointment at the same time in future. The proposal is also conducive to maintaining continuity in the operation of the EAC.

Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Michael Suen welcomed the re-appointments. He said that with the wealth of electoral knowledge and experience of the Chairman and the two members, he was fully confident that the EAC would be well equipped to overcome challenges in the next few years. He looked forward to continuing to work closely with the Commission to organize future elections in HKSAR.

End/Monday, September 18, 2000