Method for the Constitution of the Election Committee

Updated till 13/4/2021

Decision of the National People's Congress

Pursuant to the Decision by the National People's Congress adopted on March 11, 2021:

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Size and Composition of the Election Committee

The Election Committee will be expanded from 1200 members to 1500 members from five following sectors:

First Sector:Industrial, commercial and financial sectors 300 members
Second Sector:The professions 300 members
Third Sector:Grassroots, labour, religious and other sectors 300 members
Fourth Sector:LegCo Members, representatives of district organisations and other organisations 300 members
Fifth Sector:HKSAR deputies to the NPC, HKSAR members of the National Committee of the CPPCC and representatives of Hong Kong members of relevant national organisations 300 members
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Composition, Methods for Returning Members and Electorates of Sub-sectors

Subsector Seats Methods for Returning Members Electorates
Individuals Bodies
First Sector
1 Industrial (first) 17 Election
2 Industrial (second) 17 Election
3 Textiles and garment 17 Election
4 Commercial (first) 17 Election
5 Commercial (second) 17 Election
6 Commercial (third) (former Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association renamed) 17 Election
7 Finance 17 Election
8 Financial services 17 Election
9 Insurance 17 Election
10 Real estate and construction 17 Election
11 Transport 17 Election
12 Import and export 17 Election
13 Tourism 17 Election
14 Hotel 16 Election
15 Catering 16 Election
16 Wholesale and retail 17 Election
17 Employers' Federation of Hong Kong 15 Election
18 Small and medium enterprises (new) 15 Election
Second Sector
19 Technology and innovation (new) (Information technology subsector replaced) 30 Nomination 15
Election 15
20 Engineering 30 Ex-officio 15
Election 15
21 Architectural, surveying, planning and landscape 30 Ex-officio 15
Election 15
22 Accountancy 30 Nomination 15
Election 15
23 Legal 30 Ex-officio 6
Nomination 9
Election 15
24 Education (Education and Higher education subsectors merged) 30 Ex-officio 16
Election 14
25 Sports, performing arts, culture and publication (originally under the Third Sector) 30 Nomination 15
Election 15
26 Medical and health services (merged) 30 Ex-officio 15
Election 15
27 Chinese medicine 30 Nomination 15
Election 15
28 Social welfare (originally under the Third Sector) 30 Ex-officio 15
Election 15
Third Sector
29 Agriculture and fisheries 60 Election 60
30 Labour 60 Election 60
31 Grassroots associations (New) 60 Election 60
32 Associations of Chinese fellow townsmen (New) 60 Election 60
33 Religious 60 Nomination 60
Fourth Sector
34 Members of the Legislative Council 90 Ex-officio
35 Heung Yee Kuk 27 Election
36 Representatives of members of Area Committees, District Fight Crime Committees, and District Fire Safety Committees of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon (New) 76 Election
37 Representatives of members of Area Committees, District Fight Crime Committees, and District Fight Crime Committees of the New Territories (New) 80 Election
38 Representatives of associations of Hong Kong residents in the Mainland (New) 27 Nomination
Fifth Sector
39 HKSAR deputies to the NPC and HKSAR members of the CPPCC National Committee (originally from the Fourth Sector, two subsectors are combined) 190 Ex-officio
40 Representatives of Hong Kong members of relevant national organisations (New) 110 Election


  1. An HKSAR deputy to the NPC or an HKSAR member of the CPPCC National Committee may choose to register as an Election Committee member in a subsector other than one in the Fifth Sector with which he or she has a substantial connection. In these cases, the number of exofficio member will be increased and the number of seats to be returned by the subsector by election will be reduced accordingly. Within the term of office of the Election Committee, the number of ex-officio members, and members to be returned by nomination or election shall remain unchanged.
  2. EC subsectors will be elected by registered corporate or individual voters. Unless specified in the electoral law, an association or enterprise may become a corporate voter for a subsector only if it has been operating for not less than 3 years after acquiring relevant qualifications for that subsector.
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Nomination, Candidature and Polling

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A System of Convenors

Pursuant to the Annex I to Basic Law amended by NPC Standing Committee on March 30, 2021: