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Transcript of SCA's standup briefing

The following is a transcript of a standup briefing by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam Sui-lung, at Central Government Offices this (July 2) morning:

Reporter: (...... working on that as a new style of Government?)

Secretary for Constitutional Affairs: As I've just mentioned (in Chinese), today is the first working day of the second term of the SAR Government. We see the commencement of the accountability system. All our colleagues under this accountability system have full commitments, are fully prepared to serve the Hong Kong community with vigour and with dedication in the next five years.

I'd also like to mention that aside from the Secretaries of Departments and the Directors of Bureaux, we now have a slate of Permanent Secretaries who will lead and help administer individual policy bureaux and departments. The slate of Permanent Secretaries together with their civil service colleagues will always be there to serve the people of Hong Kong, serve the government, serve Hong Kong community. The civil service system, the public administration system with their presence will continue to be stable, professional, politically neutral and meritorious. They and their colleagues, viz the Permanent Secretaries, will embody the professionalism of the Hong Kong civil service. All in all, we are very pleased that we can have this new system to serve the people of Hong Kong.

(Please also refer to the transcript in Chinese.)

End/Tuesday, July 2, 2002.