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Government's response to remarks made by Hon James Tien

In response to the Honourable James Tien's "Letter to Hong Kong" broadcast on RTHK today (May 14), a Government spokesman made the following remarks:

"We already have arrangements in place to involve members of major political parties in policy making through appointing to the Executive Council Legislative Councillors who belong to major political parties and groupings. These include members of the Liberal Party, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and The Alliance.

The system of political appointment of Principal Officials also allows people with political background to join the Government.

We intend to issue a consultation document on expanding political appointments further, for example, by creating a small number of new positions of assistant to Director of Bureau. These appointments can include people with political party, professional, academic and other backgrounds.

We hope that through these various measures, we can continue to feel the pulse of the community and to get the necessary support for Government legislation and budgetary proposals to be passed by the Legislative Council."

Ends/Sunday, May 14, 2006