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Subsidiary Legislation for the 2002 Chief Executive Election

The Chief Executive in Council has approved a number of subsidiary legislation relating to the Chief Executive election, which will be published in the Gazette tomorrow (October 5), a government spokesman said today (October 4).

The new pieces of subsidiary legislation are to provide for -

* the appeal handling procedures in relation to the registration of voters for Election Committee subsectors and members of the Election Committee (the Election Committee (Registration) (Voters for Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) (Appeals) Regulation); and

* the procedures for processing appeals against the results of Election Committee subsector elections and the registration of nominees of the religious subsector as members of the Election Committee (the Election Committee (Appeals) Regulation).

"The relevant appeal handling procedures are now set out in regulations made under the Legislative Council Ordinance. With the enactment of the Chief Executive Election Ordinance, new regulations should be made under the Ordinance to replace the existing ones, with necessary modifications to reflect new requirements," the spokesman said.

These regulations will be tabled in Legislative Council next Wednesday (October 10).