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Legislative Council Hong Kong Island By-election Concluded

The Legislative Council (LegCo) Hong Kong Island by-election was successfully concluded with the completion of vote counting at 4.30 am today (December 11). Ms Audrey Eu gets elected with 108,401 votes to fill the vacant seat in the legislative body.

"The count was conducted smoothly. With increased counting staff and changes to certain administrative procedures, we were able to complete the count earlier this time round than in the general election in September 2000," a Government spokesman said.

Members of the public and the media were also kept informed of the latest counting results through hourly announcements in the counting station and the Internet. This is conducive to enhancing the transparency of the by-election, he added.

"We are grateful to the some 400 counting staff who worked strenuously all night long to complete the count. We would also like to express our appreciation to the candidates and the some 200,000 voters who exercised their voting rights in the by-election. Their participation and enthusiasm made elections a more meaningful event in our community."

"We congratulate Ms Eu on her election and we look forward to working closely with her and other LegCo Members on issues of general concern," he added.

Ms Eu will be sworn in at the LegCo sitting on December 13, 2000.

End/ Monday, December 11, 2000