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Polling day for fifth-term LegCo election and related arrangements

     The fifth-term Legislative Council (LegCo) election will be held on September 9 (Sunday) this year.

     "Having considered the relevant statutory provisions concerning the determination of a general election date and the nomination period preceding an election, and the practice adopted in the past public elections, the Chief Executive has specified September 9 as the date on which polling for the fifth LegCo general election will take place," a Government spokesman said today (March 14).

     In light of the polling date, the nomination period for the 2012 LegCo election is scheduled for July 18 to July 31. To ensure that all candidates (including those who are serving LegCo members) will compete on a level playing field, the Chief Executive has appointed July 18, which is the commencement date of the nomination period, as the date from which the fourth-term LegCo shall stand prorogued and its operation shall then be terminated.

     The dates of polling and prorogation will be published in the Gazette on March 16.

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