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EAC Report on 2011 District Council Election published

     The Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) Report on the 2011 District Council (DC) Election is published today (February 28).

     The report describes how the EAC conducted and supervised the election, and set out the detailed arrangements and relevant follow-up actions to the election. The report also contains a review of relevant electoral arrangements in the light of experience, and improvement measures for future elections. As regards recent public concerns about the accuracy of registered addresses in the register of electors, the report notes the measures introduced by the Government since January 1, 2012 to improve the voter registration system and the public consultation which commenced on January 16, 2012 on the proposed improvement measures. The EAC will be in close liaison with the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau on how the proposals should be taken forward.

     "We are grateful to the EAC for their efforts in reviewing the arrangements for the election and compiling the post-election report," a Government spokesman said.

     "The Government will work closely with the EAC to follow up on the recommendations contained in the report, taking into consideration the views of the community," he said.

     In accordance with the requirements of the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance (Cap. 541), the EAC submitted the report on the 2011 DC Election to the Chief Executive on February 3, 2012. In line with past practice and the principle of open and transparent elections, the Government agreed with the EAC's recommendation that the report should be made public. The report is available at the Public Enquiry Service Centres of District Offices and can be downloaded from the website of the EAC (www.eac.gov.hk).

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