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Response to US-China Economic and Security Review Commission 2011 Annual Report on Hong Kong

     In response to media enquires on the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission 2011 Annual Report on Hong Kong, a Government spokesman today (November 16) said:

     "On Hong Kong's constitutional development, both the Central Authorities and the HKSAR Government are fully committed to promoting constitutional development in accordance with the Basic Law, with a view to achieving the ultimate aim of universal suffrage. The 2012 Constitutional Reform Package was based firmly on the Basic Law and the 2007 decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the Government has taken full account of the views and suggestions expressed during the consultation period.

     With the passage of the package in the summer of 2010, Hong Kong is now moving towards the ultimate aim of universal suffrage.

     Under the 'one-person-two-votes' arrangement, 3.56 million registered voters of Hong Kong can cast one vote in the Legislative Council geographical constituency election and another in the functional constituency election. This will greatly enhance the democratic elements of the elections and boost the confidence of Hong Kong citizens in the implementation of universal suffrage.

     The HKSAR Government has made it clear that the future universal suffrage models should comply with the Basic Law and the principles of universality and equality. The community has sufficient time to reach consensus on issues relating to the implementation of universal suffrage in future.

     The implementation of constitutional reform in Hong Kong according to the Basic Law is part of our internal affairs. This is a matter for the HKSAR and the Central Authorities to deal with according to the Basic Law. We hope that foreign governments and legislatures will continue to respect this principle."

Ends/Wednesday, November 16, 2011