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Transcript of SCMA's remarks at a media session

     Following is the transcript of remarks (English portion) made by the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Raymond Tam, at a media session after inspecting a polling station this afternoon (November 6):

Reporter: Mr Tam, just a couple of questions. First of all, on the turnout rate, what does it say to you?

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs: So far the turnout rate, both in terms of the actual number as well as the percentage, is more than the equivalent of last term. I am happy to see that and if this trend should continue, it is quite optimistic that at the end of the polling hours, both the turnout rate as well as the number of voters that come out to cast their votes would be more than last term. So I am happy to see that. But there are still some six hours to go. I would like to appeal once again to all outstanding voters that have not cast their votes to come out and grasp the opportunity to exercise their voting right today.

Reporter: As for the number of complaints, have any cases caught your attention?

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs: I have just look at the latest figure of complaint cases. It is something about 1,290. Half of them are related to election advertisements and a couple of hundreds are related to activities around polling stations. As what I have said this morning, I would like to appeal to all candidates, their agents, as well as the voters that they should continue to cast their votes and do their canvassing campaign in a peaceful, lawful and orderly manner and in the principle of mutual respect. This will not only translate into the actual increase in the number of turnout, but also will demonstrate that Hong Kong, being “Asia's World City”, has a very high level of civilisation as well. 

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Sunday, November 6, 2011