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Response to US Congressional-Executive Commission on China's Annual Report on Hong Kong

     In response to comments in the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China 2011 Annual Report relating to Hong Kong, a Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau spokesman today (October 13) said:

     "On constitutional affairs, Hong Kong has taken a critical step forward in its constitutional development with the passage of the 2012 constitutional reform package. Under the 'one-person-two-votes' arrangement, 3.55 million registered voters of Hong Kong can cast one vote in the Legislative Council (LegCo) geographical constituency election and another in the functional constituency election. This will greatly enhance the democratic elements of the elections and boost the confidence of Hong Kong citizens in the implementation of universal suffrage.

     As regards issues relating to arrangements for filling vacancies in the LegCo, the public consultation has ended on September 24. The Administration will examine all the views received in detail and carefully. We will prepare a comprehensive report and put forth a proposal in due course. The Administration will ensure that the final proposal put forward for consideration by LegCo will not just be constitutional and legal but also reasonable and rational.

     On the electoral front, we should emphasise that all elections in Hong Kong are conducted in a fair, open and just manner in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law.

     It is a well recognised fact that 'One Country, Two Systems' has been successfully implemented since the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The various systems that contribute to the success of the HKSAR have been preserved and maintained in accordance with the Basic Law. The Central Authorities has fully respected Hong Kong's autonomies and has not interfered in Hong Kong affairs.

     The implementation of 'One Country, Two Systems' according to the Basic Law is part of our internal affairs. This is a matter for the HKSAR and the Central Authorities to deal with according to the Basic Law. We hope and believe that foreign governments will continue to respect this principle."

Ends/Thursday, October 13, 2011