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Transcript of SCMA's remarks at a media session

     Following is the transcript (English portion) of remarks by the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, at a media session after attending a radio programme this morning (May 22):

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs: We believe that the proposals we have put forth will be able to reflect the overall sentiment of the electorate as and when we have general elections. Also, the proposals will enable any vacancies arising during a four-year term of the Legislative Council to be filled by the candidate's list with the largest remainder of votes pertaining. We believe that this is a more fair arrangement. Otherwise, if we go for the alternative of enabling the original political party with the member resigning to field a successor to fill the vacancy will effectively mean that there will be an automatic succession of seats by the same political party. We must remember that the seats of the Legislative Council belong to the people, not to any particular political party. Therefore, for us to rely on the results of the general election to enable the political party or list of candidates with the largest remainder of votes, i.e. with the largest level of public support, to be a successor candidate is more fair and reflects the overall view of the electorate.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

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