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Government reviewing electoral arrangements

     The Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau and the Registration and Electoral Office (REO) are reviewing the electoral arrangements in order to streamline and improve the procedures.

     "The Administration has been receiving views from various political parties and stakeholders. We have also been discussing the issues at meetings of the Panel on Constitutional Affairs of the Legislative Council (CA Panel) and other meetings with concerned groups. We will take into account these views in our review," a Government spokesperson said.

     "We attach great importance to ensuring that elections are held in a fair, open and clean manner. As far as voter registration is concerned, an applicant for registration needs to certify by signing on the application form that the residential address he provided is his only or principal residence in Hong Kong. It is an offence to furnish false or incorrect information in voter registration.The REO has put in place arrangements for the public to inspect the provisional and final registers and report any irregularities. The REO will refer relevant cases to law enforcement agencies for follow up actions. The REO also conducts checking on households with multiple electors/voters registered.

     "As a regular exercise before the major elections, we endeavour to review the practical arrangements so that they can be streamlined and improved in the light of past experiences.

     "The arrangements being reviewed include the use of electronic means for candidates to submit election advertisements to the authority, the arrangements for candidates to send election advertisements to electors, the procedures related to voter registration and the arrangements for operating polling stations.

     "The Government will continue to discuss the issues with members of the CA Panel and relevant stakeholders," the spokesperson added.

Ends/Thursday, March 10, 2011