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SCMA speaks to media on constitutional development package

     Following is the transcript of Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Mr Stephen Lam's remarks to the media after the Executive Council meeting today (June 22):

     The HKSAR Government welcomes the fact that the Democratic Party has decided to support the 2012 constitutional development package. So far as we are concerned, we have had very extensive public consultation and discussion for a period of almost seven months since November last year when we published the public consultation document, and also since April this year when we put forth formally our public consultation report. As regards the latest proposal which we adopted yesterday of the "one person, two votes" arrangement for the five new District Council functional constituency seats, the public has also received the idea for some months and has engaged in public discussion for some time. Therefore, the HKSAR Government continues to take the view that now is the mature moment for a decision to be taken on the way forward for the 2012 constitutional development package. Of course, we have taken note of the fact that certain opinion within the Democratic Party is that perhaps we should consider the option of deferring the debate by two weeks. However, we do believe that we have now reached the point of taking a decision on constitutional development for 2012, and therefore we will continue to put forth our motions to the Legislative Council on June 23 for them to be debated and voted upon.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Tuesday, June 22, 2010