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Appointments to the Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony

     The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs has appointed five new members to the Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony (CPRH) for a two-year term starting from June 1, 2010, a Government spokesman announced today (May 27).

     The following is a list of the non-official members of the CPRH commencing June 1, 2010:

New members

(1) Mr Gahatraj Sunar, Ashok Kumar
(2) Ms Ho Wai-yee, Lucilla
(3) Mr Jalal, Hameed
(4) Ms Kesuma, Rosalia Kamariah
(5) Mr Liaqat, Mohammad

Existing members

(6) Miss Baig, Raees Begum
(7) Mrs Cheung-Ang Siew Mei
(8) Mr Chugh, Manohar Thakurdas
(9) Mr Elms, James Arthur
(10) Ms Gurung, Aruna
(11) Dr Keezhangatte, James Joseph
(12) Mr Khosa, Amarjeet Singh
(13) Ms Mandap, Daisy Catherine L
(14) Mrs Ratana-Ubol, Kanokwal
(15) Mr Tsui Fook Keung
(16) Dr Yung, Pui Yip Paul

     The CPRH is a non-statutory advisory body that advises the Government on matters relating to fostering racial harmony in the community and to enhancing mutual understanding between people of different ethnic origin. Chaired by the Deputy Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, the Committee also includes representatives from the Education Bureau, the Home Affairs Department, the Labour Department and the Information Services Department. The Race Relations Unit of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau provides secretariat support to the Committee.

Ends/Thursday, May 27, 2010