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Response to media enquiries on resignation announcement made by five Legislative Council Members

     In response to media enquiries on the resignation announcement made by five Legislative Council (LegCo) Members today (January 21), a Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau spokesman said:

     "The HKSAR Government has reiterated that the Basic Law does not provide for any referendum mechanism. Conducting any form of so-called 'referendum' in Hong Kong will have no legal basis or effect whatsoever, and will not be recognised by the HKSAR Government.

     "We also note that Hong Kong people generally do not approve of the 'resignation in five geographical constituencies'. We consider that the so-called 'referendum' will only divide our society and create new obstacles to rolling forward Hong Kong's constitutional development. The resignation is unnecessary and fails to meet the public expectations.

     "In order to make real progress for Hong Kong's constitutional development and to amend the two electoral methods for 2012, we must act in accordance with the procedures as stipulated in the Basic Law and secure consensus among the three parties concerned, i.e. the proposals put forth by the HKSAR Government must obtain the support of a two-thirds majority of all LegCo Members, consent of the Chief Executive and endorsement of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Hence, the procedures for amending the two electoral methods for 2012 will not be affected by the results of the by-election arising from the 'resignation in five geographical constituencies'.”

Ends/Thursday, January 21, 2010