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SCMA speaks to media after LegCo CA Panel meeting

     Following is the transcript (English portion) of the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Mr Stephen Lam's remarks to the media after attending a meeting of the Legislative Council Panel on Constitutional Affairs this (January 18) afternoon :

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs: The consistent position of the Central Government and the Special Administrative Region Government is that under the Basic Law, there is no arrangement for referendums to be held. Consistent with the procedures adopted under the Basic Law for Hong Kong to change its electoral systems for returning the Chief Executive and for forming the Legislative Council, we have to attain tripartite consensus, and that is, two-thirds majority passage in the Legislative Council, consent by the Chief Executive and endorsement by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Any arrangements to promote a referendum outside these constitutional procedures would not be consistent with the Basic Law. Also, whatever the outcome of this movement for five legislators to resign from geographical districts, it will not change our constitutional procedures for adopting new electoral arrangements. And, therefore, as far as the Hong Kong Government is concerned, we would not respond to any suggestions that a referendum law be adopted in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will not enact any referendum law.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript)

Ends/Monday, January 18, 2010