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Response to UK report on HK

     In response to media enquiries, a Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau spokesman today (September 9) said the following in relation to comments in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Office's Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong (January to June 2009) relating to Hong Kong:

     "We welcome the report's conclusion that the 'One Country, Two Systems' principle has worked well and that the rights and freedoms guaranteed for Hong Kong have been respected.

     "Regarding the protection of human rights, the HKSAR Government will continue to promote and protect human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong in accordance with the Basic Law and relevant local legislation. We support the recommendation in the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group's report that the HKSAR continue to function according to our realities and preserve different rights of our citizens in accordance with our laws.

     "Regarding the issue of constitutional development, the decision adopted by the National People's Congress Standing Committee in December 2007 has determined the timetable for attaining universal suffrage in Hong Kong, i.e. the Chief Executive (CE) may be elected by universal suffrage in 2017 and the Legislative Council (Legco) may be elected by universal suffrage in 2020. In the meantime, the elections for the CE and the Legco in 2012 can be made more democratic.

     "We will consult the public on the electoral methods for the CE and the Legco in 2012 in the fourth quarter of this year. The aim of the HKSAR Government is to determine the two electoral methods for 2012 within the tenure of the current term in order to enhance democratic elements. This could then lay a foundation for attaining universal suffrage for the CE in 2017, and for the Legco in 2020."

Ends/Wednesday, September 9, 2009