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Nominations closed for 2000 Legislative Council Elections

A total of 156 candidates have signed up for the Legislative Council elections to be held on September 10 this year. Nominations closed at 5 pm today (August 2).

A spokesman for the Constitutional Affairs Bureau said that he was pleased with the number of candidates.

"Eighty-nine candidates from 37 lists have submitted nominations in the geographical constituency (GC) elections. With the participation of all major political parties, we expect the contest will be very lively and colourful. The competition is particularly keen in the New Territories East GC where 26 candidates will compete for five seats."

The functional constituency elections have attracted 57 candidates while 10 candidates will stand in the Election Committee election, he added.

The Electoral Affairs Commission is finalising the practical arrangements for the elections and will ensure that the elections are conducted in an open and fair manner.

The Government will continue to enlist community-wide support for the election and encourage all eligible voters to cast votes on polling day through various publicity channels, the spokesman said.

End/Wednesday, August 2, 2000