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CAB responds to the Hon Miss Emily Lau's views broadcast today

In response to the views of the Hon Miss Emily Lau broadcast on RTHK Radio 3 this morning, a spokesman for the Constitutional Affairs Bureau made the following statement today (November 30):

"The Government welcomes the record high voter turnout rate of the 2003 District Council election. This enhances the representativeness of members elected and has a positive bearing on the future of democratic development.

The high interest shown by the people of Hong Kong in public affairs through this election provides a firm foundation for the public consultation on constitutional development, which will commence in 2004.

The Government will start listening to and collecting public views early next year. We will deal with the procedures under the Basic Law as necessary in 2005. We will deal with local legislation as necessary in 2006.

We will be making full use of the next three years in conducting the review of constitutional development beyond 2007 and to build consensus on the way forward.

Separately, we will be conducting a review of the roles, functions and composition of the District Councils including the question of appointed seats.

In the next four years, we look forward to working closely with the District Councils in furthering services to the public in the respective districts."

Ends/Sunday, November 30, 2003