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Photo exhibition promotes racial harmony

One city, different faces

     Hong Kong is a "hotpot" of ethnic and cultural diversity: Many of the ethnic minorities who live and work here in the thousands come from neighbouring Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

     Most of them are migrant workers, earning a living as domestic helpers, construction workers, in the entertainment business, and as professionals and company executives on the highest floors of Hong Kong Inc. They contribute to the kaleidoscope of colour, sound and images that make up this city.  

     To showcase Hong Kong's diversity and promote racial harmony, a photographic exhibition will be hosted by the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau between November 2007 and February 2008. Featuring photographs by Ms Corazon Amaya-Canete, the exhibition comprises three themes to illustrate the multicultural character of Hong Kong.

     The first theme is on places where ethnic minorities congregate. Be it parks, streets, public spaces, or temples and places of worship, different cultures mix and merge. Especially during days off for foreign domestic workers, cultural variety brightens up the nooks and crannies of the busiest places in the city.

     The second theme focuses on places of leisure and hobbies. Smiles of every kind light up these places as people find enjoyment and fulfillment in what they do. Whether it's in music or sports, ethnic minorities add spice and zest to daily life. They add a different dimension to the arts, enhancing Hong Kong's cultural attractions.

     The last series of photos gives life to people from minority communities who have blended in with Hong Kong society and have become successful in their endeavours. The photos explore their work and how they harmonise their ethnicity with the society they have adopted and which, in turn, has accepted them.

     Through this photo exhibition, the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau aims to promote an ideal of harmony for everyone.

     Details of the exhibition, entitled "A Celebration of Racial Harmony", are as follows:

November 12 – 17, 2007: Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Foyer Exhibition Area)

November 26 – 30, 2007: University of Hong Kong (Concourse, KK Leung Building)

December 3 – 14, 2007: University of Hong Kong (UG Concourse, Knowles Building [near Campus Service Centre])

February 17 – 24, 2008: Hong Kong Central Library (Gallery I)

     Admission is free.

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