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Govt to seek consensus on reform

Commenting on the rally in Central earlier this afternoon, a spokesman for the Constitutional Affairs Bureau said today (July 13) that the Government had heard the views expressed by the participants.

"It is very natural that the public have aspirations about Hong Kong's constitutional development. The Government is willing to listen to the views from different sectors of the community. We have been doing so and will continue to do so," he said.

The spokesman said, "The Government will work with different political parties and Members of the Legislative Council to identify common ground and to build consensus, so that we can create new room for constitutional development in Hong Kong after 2007 according to the Basic Law.

"The review on post-2007 constitutional development will be conducted in a careful and positive manner.

"The current timeframe is that we will conduct internal research in 2003, consult the public in 2004 or 2005, and deal with local legislation in 2006.

"We will ensure that there is sufficient time and opportunities for the public to participate in and to give their views during the consultation process," he added.

The spokesman reiterated that although proper consultation had not yet started, the Government had all along been listening carefully to the different views put forward by different individuals and organizations in the community.

"These views provide valuable reference to the Government in the process of conducting research," he said.

End/Sunday, July 13, 2003