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The Rights of the Individual

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Compendium of submissions received during the public consultation of the outline of topics of the Second Report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China under the Convention on the Rights of the Child


No. From
Society for Community Organization
Hong Kong Human Rights Commission
New Immigrants' Mutual Aid Association
Children's Rights Association
2. (未能確認來信人是否願意公開姓名)
(Unable to ascertain whether the sender wishes to have his/her name published)
3. 防止虐待兒童會有限公司
Against Child Abuse Limited
4. 陳芝瑛
5. 香港兒童權利委員會
The Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights
6. 平等機會委員會
Equal Opportunities Commission
7. 香港兒科醫學院
Hong Kong College of Paediatricians
8. 尋道會
Unitarian Universalists Hong Kong
9. 基督教香港信義會葵涌地區支援中心
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong
10. Dr Helen Tinsley, Professor AJ Hedley
Department of Community Medicine, School of Public Health of University of Hong Kong
11. 群福婦女權益會
Hong Kong Association for the Survivors of Women Abuse (Kwan Fook)
12. 親切
13. 智樂兒童遊樂協會
Playright Children's Play Association
14. 香港青年學生聯合會
Hong Kong Youth and Students Federation
15. 香港保護兒童會
Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
16. 愛嬰醫院香港協會
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association
17. 香港律師會
The Law Society of Hong Kong
18. 香港小童群益會
The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
19. Kwoli Chui
20. 香港特殊學習障礙協會
Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities
21. 思匯
Civic Exchange
22. 香港人權監察
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
23. 童夢同想
Kids' Dream