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The Rights of the Individual

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Second Report of the PRC under the ICESCR – Part Two: HKSAR

Structure of the Report and relevant Computer Files

Structure Filename
Third report of the HKSAR under the ICESCR
Table of Content e-Table of Content.pdf
Content e-Content.pdf
Annex 2A e-Annex2A.pdf
Annex 6A e-Annex6A.pdf
Annex 6B e-Annex6B.pdf
Annex 7A e-Annex7A.pdf
Annex 9A e-Annex9A.pdf
Annex 9B e-Annex9B.pdf
Annex 9C e-Annex9C.pdf
Annex 9D e-Annex9D.pdf
Annex 10A e-Annex10A.pdf
Annex 12A e-Annex12A.pdf
Annex 13A e-Annex13A.pdf
Annex 13B e-Annex13B.pdf
Annex 13C e-Annex13C.pdf
Annex 13D e-Annex13D.pdf
HKSAR Common Core Document
Common Core Document e-Core-document.pdf

For downloading, please click here whole Report for the whole Report or click the above filename for just an individual part.