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The Rights of the Individual

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Compendium of submissions received during the public consultation of the outline of topics of the Third Report of the PRC under the ICESCR – Part Two: HKSAR


No. From
1. 香港婦聯
Hong Kong Women Development Association Limited
2. 香港性文化學會
Hong Kong Sex Culture Society Limited
3. 香港融樂會
Hong Kong Unison
4. 明光社
The Society for Truth and Light
5. 全港關注劏房平台
Hong Kong Subdivided Flats Concerning Platform
6. Blue Skies China
7. 張振峰先生
8. 黃秀云女士
Ms WONG Sau-wan Teresa
9. 公民黨
Civic Party
10. 關注婦女性暴力協會
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
11. 關注家庭暴力受害人法權會
The Association for Concern for Legal Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence
12. 童夢同想
Kids’ Dream
13. 香港兒童權利委員會
Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights
14. 周煒琪女士
Miss CHAU Wai-ki
15. 平等機會委員會
Equal Opportunities Commission
16. 民主黨
Democratic Party
17. 女角平權協作組
Les Corner Empowerment Association
18. 融幼社
PathFinders Limited
19. 香港融樂會
Hong Kong Unison
20. 黃啟暘先生
Mr WONG Kai-yeung