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The Rights of the Individual

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First Report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China in the light of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Structure of the Report and relevant Computer Files

Structure Filename
Cover h2_e-cov.doc
Content h2_e-cont.doc
Preface h2_e-pref.doc
Part I h2_e-pt1.doc
Part II (Article 1) h2_e-pt2-1.doc
Part II (Article 2) h2_e-pt2-2.doc
Part II (Article 3) h2_e-pt2-3.doc
Part II (Article 4) h2_e-pt2-4.doc
Part II (Article 5) h2_e-pt2-5.doc
Part II (Article 6) h2_e-pt2-6.doc
Part II (Article 7) h2_e-pt2-7.doc
Part II (Article 8) h2_e-pt2-8.doc
Part II (Article 9) h2_e-pt2-9.doc
Part II (Article 10) h2_e-pt2-10.doc
Part II (Article 11) h2_e-pt2-11.doc
Part II (Article 12) h2_e-pt2-12.doc
Part II (Article 13) h2_e-pt2-13.doc
Part II (Article 14) h2_e-pt2-14.doc
Part II (Article 15) h2_e-pt2-15.doc
Part II (Article 16) h2_e-pt2-16.doc
Annexes h2_e-anex.doc
Annex 1 h2_e-anex1.doc
Annex 2 h2_e-anex2.doc
Annex 3 h2_e-anex3.doc
Annex 4 h2_e-anex4.doc
Annex 5 h2_e-anex5.doc
Annex 6 h2_e-anex6.doc
Annex 7 h2_e-anex7.doc
Annex 8 h2_e-anex8.pdf
Annex 9 h2_e-anex9.doc
Annex 10 h2_e-anex10.doc
Annex 11 h2_e-anex11.doc
Annex 12 h2_e-anex12.doc
Annex 13 h2_e-anex13.doc
Annex 14 h2_e-anex14.doc
Annex 15 h2_e-anex15.doc
Annex 16 h2_e-anex16.doc
Annex 17 h2_e-anex17.doc
Annex 18 h2_e-anex18.doc
Annex 19 h2_e-anex19.doc
Annex 20 h2_e-anex20.doc
Annex 21 h2_e-anex21.doc
Annex 22 h2_e-anex22.doc
Annex 23 h2_e-anex23.doc
Annex 24 h2_e-anex24.doc
Annex 25 h2_e-anex25.doc
Annex 26 h2_e-anex26.doc
Annex 27 h2_e-anex27.doc
Annex 28 h2_e-anex28.doc
Annex 29 h2_e-anex29.doc
Annex 30 h2_e-anex30.doc
Annex 31 h2_e-anex31.doc
Annex 32 h2_e-anex32.doc
Annex 33 h2_e-anex33.doc
Annex 34 h2_e-anex34.doc
Annex 35 h2_e-anex35.doc
Annex 36 h2_e-anex36.doc

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