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HKSAR's External Affairs

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Depository Collections of International Organizations

Hong Kong Central Library has been designated as an official document depository of the following international organisations:

Name of Organization Collection Start Date
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Official publications, reports and statistics of the Bank in English. Examples include the ADB serials "Asian Development Outlook" and "Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries". January 1994
European Union (EU) All English publications published by EU, including those produced by the Office for the Official Publications of the European Communities and the Commission of the European Communities and the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Among the regularly received articles are SCAD Bulletin, Official Journal of the European Communities, and COM Documents and Bulletin of the European Union. July 1996
International Labour Organization (ILO) New English publications published by ILO including serials, research reports, manuals and international standards. November 1993
International Maritime Organization (IMO) New IMO publications in English and Chinese Language. Among them are international conventions, codes, resolutions, recommendations, guidelines and manuals. August 1997
United Nations (UN) The English versions of printed and mimeographed documents of the UN and the Economics and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). There are over 80,000 documents in this collection. Among the titles regularly received are the quarterly magazine "UN Chronicle" and publications from the UN Centre for Human Settlement, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN Development Programme, Office of the UN Disaster Relief Co-ordinator, UN Environmental Programme, and Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. January 1979
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) All new publications published by UNESCO. Articles received include the "Asian/Pacific Book Development Quarterly", the "UNESCO Statistical Yearbook" and the "World Education Report". October 1993
World Bank (WB) All current publications & other information products produced by the Bank, including books published for the Bank by university presses, country and economic studies, technical papers, annual reports and statistical publications. Among the most widely consulted WB publications are the "World Development Report", "World Resources", "World Bank Economic Review" and "Commodity Markets and the Developing Countries: a World Bank Business Quarterly". October 1992
World Food Programme (WFP) All current and new WEP publications. August 1993
World Trade Organization (WTO) Every new English publication, excluding protocols and tariff schedules, published by the WTO (formerly the GATT). August 1993